Having read my Grand Uncle Ernie’s book about ‘The Adventures of Rusty Redcoat’, Volume One, I was thrilled to learn all about the amazing antics and wild ways of the young red squirrel, Rusty, who was rescued as a helpless infant by Sonny, the gamekeeper’s son, when their tree house drey was tragically demolished in the woods near Alnwick in England.

Rusty really is an amazing character with a free, wild, spirit all of his own and nothing seems to stop him from achieving just about anything he sets his mind on to realise his dream and return to his family back in his original woodland home.

Now, Grand Uncle Ernie has completed volume two of Rusty’s adventures and I am delighted to have been asked to review this second book, all about the perils Rusty faces, along with his brother Len, when out on the wild, rugged and dangerous moorland in his attempt to return home where, together, they face many dangerous challenges on the way when their very lives are, so often, at risk.

Each chapter is full of intrigue and daring in order for them to survive and be reunited once again with their beloved parents, Duke and Duchess Redcoat, sisters Milli and Yum. All of whom are known as the ‘Millennium Family’ !

While I was kept in suspense and a high state of excitement with each and every chapter, I am sure the reader, just like me, will be terribly saddened at the final outcome to learn just how the very existence of the Red Squirrels in England is seriously threatened and to allow such an evil, deadly, affliction to remain unchallenged for so long to the detriment of our own, beloved, British

Red Squirrels is a terrible shame.

Nature will normally take care of it’s own but, there are times when we humans have to be more active to help poor creatures such as ‘Red Squirrels’ in their time of need. Scotland be warned.

As the story unfolds, the reader will soon begin to understand the real purpose behind Grand Uncle Ernie’s creation of the Rusty Redcoat adventures which you will really appreciate fully once you have read volume two from start to finish.

Junior Editor

A Review by Cameron Cochrane, aged 10.