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Having moved on from those halcyon days and now getting closer to ‘82 not out’, my mission is to bring to the attention of as many children as possible throughout the land, plus all their brothers and sisters, mums and dads, grandmas and granddads, aunts and uncles and not forgetting all those cousins and friends, the need to recognise the serious plight facing Rusty Redcoats all over Great Britain.

What better way than to introduce all those children to Rusty Redcoat through my books so that the affinity will be bonded between child and red squirrel and, in so doing, create the awareness in their minds that, if things are allowed to go on unchecked, then we will lose a beautiful part of our natural British heritage forever.

If the diseased Grey Squirrel is allowed to go on multiplying, as they are now, then they will very soon reach plague proportions whereby our precious red squirrel will be wiped out totally.

If such a dreadful disease similar to parapox was to kill off all our beloved pet horses, ponies, cats, dogs, budgies and goldfish, then the whole nation would be in uproar – yet we can sit back and let Rusty Redcoat and all his relatives be dispatched to oblivion. WHY??

This disastrous state of affairs has continued, unabated, for nearly SIXTY years and I say to all those responsible, “THIS IS ABSOLUTELY SHAMEFUL’ !

The message has to go to the highest level in the land and those in authority need to be bombarded with demands from millions of British children everywhere until something is done by way of positive deed, not word, where action is seen to be done without years of thinking about it!

So there we are reader, I can’t be any more forthright with this message so now IT IS UP TO YOU!

Oh – please send a “Ck-Ck-Ck” link for this site to family and friends to tell them about Rusty Redcoat.

(Ck-Ck-Ck is the natural alarm call of all Red Squirrels in the wild).

Author’s Appeal

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