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Professor David Bellamy OBE.

Ernie meets with Professor David Bellamy OBE to discuss the plight of the red Squirrel and talk about Rusty’s latest Adventures in the “Adventures of Rusty Redcoat Volume 2”

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Red Squirrel Appeal Video

Hear the plight of the Red Squirrel.  In this video Ernie highlight the very real risk that our beloved Red Squirrels will soon go the way of the Dodo.  He discusses his hopes for the future and asks for your help in saving our Red Squirrels from extinction.

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Rusty Redcoat loves the Harmonica

See Ernie play “life in an Alnwick Wood” (Rusty Signature Tune) on the Harmonica as Rusty Redcoat listens happily nearby.

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News Reports

Red squirrel puts the bite on rescuer.  Posted by The Journal on Nov 10, 2008

An Author of a book about red squirrels ended up in hospital after being bitten by an injured creature he had rescued.

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News Report

Treehouse launch for Red Squirrel Book - Northumberland Gazette

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