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The Adventures of Rusty Redcoat - Volume 2

Volume two highlights the second half of Rusty’s perilous journey homeward following a long period in captivity.

Each chapter illustrates the many dangerous and exciting happenings which befall him, and his brother Len, along the way. However, it is not until Rusty nears his ancestral home that he discovers all is not well and soon finds himself directly involved in a cunning plan to rescue all his immediate Redcoat family and friends from a deadly enemy who threatens their very lives - read on...

Foreward by Professor David J. Bellamy.  OBE

My first contact with Red Squirrels was with Squirrel Nutkin in Beatrice Potter’s book. This book was one of the first things to spark my interest in natural history, the beginning of my….

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Review by Cameron Cochrane, aged 10.

Having read ‘The Adventures of Rusty Redcoat’, Volume One, I was thrilled to learn all about the amazing antics and wild ways of the young red squirrel, Rusty, who was rescued as a….

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